Saturday, January 2, 2016

The Snow Beast Read-Aloud

Flipping through the Scholastic book orders I knew right away I had to get this book. The Snow Beast was just published in 2015 and it looked like the perfect book for January. As soon as I read it the first time I fell in love with it and the ideas started flowing. 
Sticking to our read-aloud format I planned 3 lessons to go along with this book. Each lesson starts with reading the book to my class. My students love listening to the stories and honestly, the more 3 day read-alouds I teach this year, the more they love hearing the story and digging into it for 3 days.

For the Snow Beast, the first lesson will focus on the main ideas and details. I will ask text dependent questions.  Then as a class we will complete the story map graphic organizer. 
The second lesson will focus more on the craft and structure of the book because of the text dependent questions. My students love diving into the craft of the book. This is by far their favorite of the three lessons. They love finding the authors craft and deciding why the author chose to write the text the way he/she did. They love finding ellipsis, all caps text, or parts that are written differently. They also LOVE saying how they think the character would actually say different phrases throughout the book. For this day I chose to have the students compare and contrast the two characters in the story and write what they did to be a good friend. 

After answering integration of knowledge and ideas text dependent questions for the third lesson, I will have the kids compare and contrast themselves with a friend in the class. They will fill out a similar graphic organizers from lesson 2. Then they will complete the snow beast craft. They are going to love this one!
For text dependent questions, lesson plans, graphic organizer and craft pattern click on the image below to visit out TPT store.