Sunday, February 21, 2016

Read-Aloud Valentine Boxes

This year, our students have fallen in LOVE with our classroom read-aloud books. We thought it would be fun for our students to make Valentine Boxes that represent something (character, setting, object, etc.) from one of the books we read in class.  We sent home a list of some of our classroom favorites. Each students chose his or her favorite book and used it as inspiration to create a box. Our Valentine's Day was extra special. Students had a blast sharing which book their box represented.  
Check out these adorable read-aloud Valentine boxes:

 You can download the letter we sent home to parents if you would like to this with your class.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

How Valentine's Day Came to Be

We're excited to teach the students about the legendary history of Valentine's Day using our "How Valentine's Day Came to Be" text.  

First, students will read the text (or have the text read aloud to them). Then students will discuss the text as a class or with a partner.

After a discussion, students will return to the text, gathering evidence to answer text dependent questions, while also recording their answers on a note-taking sheet.  

The students will use their notes to write a summary about the legend of Valentine's Day.  Similar to the events in the text, students also have the option of writing friendly notes to others.

To wrap up the lesson, students will make a heart craft out of yarn.

We know that students and teachers alike will be excited to have a little extra learning as part of the Valentine's celebrations this year!

If you are interested in purchasing this lesson, two versions are available for 1st-3rd and 4th-6th graders on our TPT store, or click on the pictures below.