Thursday, December 31, 2015

Spaghetti with the Yeti Read-aloud

We found the perfect read-aloud for January. Take your students on a fun adventure with a boy named George as he tries to find the Yeti. George is sure the Yeti will love some spaghetti! This book has fun rhyming text and great dialogue

After reading the story to the class and asking some Key Ideas and Details Core Standard's text dependent questions, students will retell the story by figuring out who each monster was and what food they thought the Yeti would like to eat. Then the class will start a spin-off of the book titled Squash with the Sasquatch. We will come up with new monsters that our character will see as he tried to find the Sasquatch. 

Then students used the same graphic organizer to come up with their own main character, monsters, and food. 

For the second lesson we decided to focus on the dialogue after answering text dependent questions from the Craft and Structure Core Standards. Students will look at the dialogue from Spaghetti with the Yeti. 
Together we will come up with the dialogue for the spin-off story, Squash with the Sasquatch. 

Then students will use the same graphic organizer to write the dialogue for their own version.

On the third lesson we will answer Integration of Knowledge and Ideas Core Standard's text dependent questions. I will model how to use the Squash with Sasquatch character graphic organizers and the dialogue graphic organizer to write a class version of our story.  

Students will use their own character graphic organizers and the dialogue graphic organizer to write their version of the story. They are going to love this part! 
The lesson will be completed as students create a food craft. Students can make spaghetti for the Yeti or they can make the food to go with their story. 

You will find the graphic organizers, text dependent questions, lesson plans, and craft instructions in our TPT story or by clicking on the image below. 

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