Sunday, November 29, 2015

12 Days of Christmas in the Classroom


and now available for 4th-6th!

(scroll down to see upper grade examples) 
All teachers know the school days between Thanksgiving and the Winter Break are difficult to fill.  Students want to be engaged in holiday fun, but teachers want activities to be educational.  This year you can do both!  With these 12 Days of Christmas Lesson Plans students will be racing to school, excited for what each new day has to offer.   
Here is a look at Day 4- Gingerbread Day (1-3)

As a class you will read aloud a gingerbread man story and  students will complete a story map. Then you will read another story and the students will compare/contrast the two texts. Next, you will ask "Would you try to catch the gingerbread man or not?"  Students will write their answers to the prompt on a writing page. Also included is a fun scavenger hunt for those students who want to try and catch the gingerbread man. (We are guessing all students will want to try and catch that crazy cookie!) After the scavenger hunt you will come back to class for math activities.  Students will play "Roll-a-Gingerbread Man."  They will also learn about symmetry by drawing the other half of the gingerbread man. 

           Here is a look at Day 6- Santa Day (1-3)
The class will start the day by reading an informational text about Santa Claus around the world. Students will stamp their passport as they "visit" each country and learn about the different Santas. Then you will read Twas the Night Before Christmas.'  Students will complete a Santa Claus character trait graphic organizer. Once they are finished learning all about Santa, they will write him a letter and to let him know what they would like for Christmas.  A "Roll and Color" number operations is included for Santa math. You will end the day by singing songs about Santa Claus from the list of songs provided. 

  Here is a look at Day 11- Reindeer Day (1-3)

To start this day, you will pick a book about reindeer to read aloud to the class. Students will complete the story retelling graphic organizer about the text. Then you will read the informational text about reindeer.  Students will take notes with you or independently.  They will then use their notes to write their own informational text about reindeer using one of the 4 writing page options. Students will also put reindeer names in ABC order and play "Reindeer 4 in a Row Addition" for math.

Preview the 12 Days of Christmas in the Classroom 
for 4th, 5th, and 6th

Here are all the days you will find in our 12 Days of Christmas Bundle:
Candy Cane Day
Christmas Carol Day
Christmas Tree Day
Christmas Cookie Day
Elf Day
Gingerbread Day
Kindness Day
Polar Express Day
Reindeer Day
Santa Claus Day
Snow Day
Stocking Day
Each day’s lesson plan includes:
a reading and writing activity
a math activity
a variety of other fun and educational suggestions
that match the theme. 

To prepare for the 12 days of Christmas you will need some type of container to store each day’s materials.  We purchased 12 gift bags from our local dollar store.  They were 2 for $1.  You can staple or glue the daily labels onto the bags. 

The read-aloud books are not included.  Check out your local library.   Most can be purchased online or in Scholastic’s book club orders.  These books are just suggestions.  You can also choose your own books that go along with the daily theme. 

Impress your principal, parents, and even yourself as students engage in both fun and learning right up until the last bell rings before Winter Break!


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