Thursday, July 23, 2015

Teaching the Core One Read Aloud at a Time

Do you love reading aloud to your students? We do too! It is one of our favorite times of the day. It is a time when we come together as a class and escape into a fantasy world for a short period. Our students instantly become mesmerized by the stories.
  • We love watching their faces change as the plot thickens. 
  • We love making them wait as we slowly turn the page during intense moments.
  • We love listening to their laughter during the silly parts. 
  • Most of all, we love modeling a love for reading.  It is a time for us to show students that reading is fun and magical.

After the Common Core was adopted, we started teaching more rigorously in our classrooms.  We  started to let our read aloud time diminish. We found we were skipping our read-aloud time too often. We started noticing our students were losing their motivation to read during independent reading time. They weren't racing to the bookshelf to pull out class favorites or fighting over the most recent book we read as a class. There simply weren't enough class favorites to choose from. We realized we needed to make read-aloud time a priority again and set aside that sacred few minutes every day.     

Tatum, Emily, and I (TheCoreCoaches) discussed this problem and together. We decided we could solve our issue of limited time by infusing core standards into our read-alouds. We realized in order to read with a purpose, not on the fly, we would need to plan ahead and write mini-lessons. We brainstormed effective ways we could meet core standards during our read-alouds and decided the following:
  • Extend the read-aloud over a few days to allow time to dig deeper and cover multiple standards 
  • Read closely by revisiting the text with a different purpose each day
  • Ask text dependent questions that require kids to refer to the text to provide evidence for their answers
  • Include a graphic organizer that reinforces the purpose
  • Incorposrate a writing component 
  • Integrate art
By incorporating these components we will be able to conquer all 8 Reading Literature Standards. This brainstorming session evolved into a year-long project...
We came up with a year's plan of teaching to the core one read-aloud at a time by using free books from our Scholastic book orders. 

We are so excited to share our read aloud activities that meet the core standards with you. 

We are teaching the Core One Read Aloud at a Time! 

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- The Core Coaches 


  1. We love reading aloud each day - we are so blessed that our principal encourages our read alouds. What a fabulous post about how to overcome and still do things that you love. Great suggestions! Thank you for sharing! ToTheEdge

    1. It is encouraging to hear that you are reading aloud to your students. Keep it up!

  2. I struggle to incorporate read alouds in our busy third grade classroom. Thanks for the tips and advice! I found your blog through the little fish blogger linky!

    Sandy from Adventures of a Techy Teacher

    1. Remember to start simple and build as you go, Sandy! Your kids will love it!
      Best of luck on a great year ahead.

  3. Do you have any webinars or videos? It helps me so much to see it! I love read alouds and I haven't had the ammunition to justify it but I am going to use your bundle and if I could wrap it into a tiny bow that would be great!