Thursday, June 11, 2015

Map Skills and Little Red Hen

This spring, I did a fun mapping unit in my classroom. Before the students learned anything about maps they looked at different maps and did an "I Notice/I Wonder" activity. They walked around the room and simply wrote what they noticed about different maps and what they wondered about them. It was so fun to see what they thought they knew about maps.

I integrated some literature into our mapping unit by reading Little Red Hen. After the first read, I had the students draw a map of Little Red Hen's farm. This was before they knew anything about maps and before we really dug into Little Red Hen. Then, we read All About Maps to learn about maps and some map skills. We did some fun activities with cardinal directions to learn about the compass rose too. Next we re-read Little Red Hen and dug into the setting and the characters. Finally, the student drew a second map of Little Red Hen's farm. The second drawing really showed their understanding of both text.

We took all of our new knowledge about maps and put them to work at a airplane museum by our school. We used the map of the museum to find specific airplanes. The students had to understand how to read a map and cardinal directions to be able find the airplanes. They loved it!

I loved this unit so much that I revamped it a little and made it available on TPT. If you want to put a twist on your mapping unit this pack is for you.

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