Monday, June 29, 2015

Don't toss out your audio cassette tapes just yet!

Maybe I'm old fashioned....or maybe I'm way behind the technological times. (Probably both.)  At any rate, I've got a ton of audio cassette tapes lying around my classroom. Besides being bulky, they're almost obsolete.  I mean- I can hardly find a reasonably priced cassette player anymore!  I needed a better solution than letting them collect dust, or sending them to a landfill.   

I figured that replacing the music isn't a big deal thanks to iTunes, but what about those three dozen listening center stories that my students still enjoy??  They would cost a fortune to replace! And anyway, throwing them out goes against my penny-pincher, conservative self.  So, I did some research.  It turns out there is a solution to my archaic woes.  
Introducing the USB Portable Cassette to MP3 Converter!  

Did you even know these existed?

Insert your dusty cassette tape, plug the USB into your computer, press play and voila! Your favorite stories and songs go digital.  

If it looks complicated, let me reassure you- if I can do it, anyone can do it!  Maybe you're thinking, "who has time to convert it all?" I've thought of that too.  I started downloading some this summer, but I’m planning to send the rest home with a parent volunteer once the school year starts.  The digital files can easily be sent back to me, and having a willing parent helping with this will save me a ton of time!

You can snag one on Amazon for  $15 to $20.  
Or do what I did and write a grant through Donors Choose. 

Hey, it sure beats tossing them in the trash!  ~Tatum  

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