Thursday, June 25, 2015

Dare to Dream

We are now a little over a month into our TPT journey. This is week 2 of the #TPTsellerchallenge which got us thinking about our dreams. Our dreams change day-to-day as we embark on this adventure. Right now most of our dreams are very small. We dream our preview stats go up by 1 or 2 views or we dream that someone will purchase one item from our store. We dream that our newly created pins will get repinned or that we will get new followers on social media. These little dreams are exciting and new to us. We are enjoying seeing many of our little dreams come true on a daily basis. Now we are being asked to dream BIG! It is fun to think of all of the possibilities that can come from a successful TPT store. Here are our big dreams for our TPT store...

1- Extra Money to Pay for my Girls’ Dance. 
They dance many hours a week and compete in different competitions throughout the year. They love dance more than anything, but it is so expensive. It would so helpful if I had extra income to help pay for it.

2- Travel 
I would love to have extra money to be able to travel. My girls are older now and being able to go on family vacations would be amazing.

1- Stay at Home
I have an adorable 10 month old daughter.  I want more than anything to stay home with her.  She is at such an amazing stage, where every day she hits another developmental milestone.  It breaks my heart to miss things when I am at work. This summer has been a dream come true.  I have been cherishing every moment I get to play with my baby girl.  When she naps, I spend my time creating products and blogging.   I would love to be able to create teaching materials from home full-time.  

2- Inspire other Educators
This virtual community is amazing.  When I was a classroom teacher, I relied on my teammates and professional books and articles to find strategies to improve my teaching.  I was hungry for information and loved bouncing ideas around with colleagues.  I love the way technology is permeating our field and connecting us all together. I can now collaborate with thousands of teachers, instead of relying on just the teachers in my school building.   I love learning from others and hope my products can inspire and help other educators.    

3- Landscape my Yard
My husband and I bought a fixer-upper home. We spent every penny we had remodeling the inside. We have simply run out of funds to fix the yard. We tore out the grass and tried to reseed it ourselves. Let’s just say this project isn’t going well...

1- School Loans  
I would love more than anything to pay off school loans.

2- Travel 
Taking my family to D.C. & my hubby to Italy (where my family is from) is big dream of mine.

3- Remodel 
I dream of being able to remodel my kitchen floor one day.

4- Stay at Home 
I dream of being able to stay home and create products for other teachers.

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