Monday, June 15, 2015


We entered the world of Teachers Pay Teachers, Blogging, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter about a month ago. It has been a fun, crazy, ride entering this new world. We have learned so much about social media and how to market our products. Yesterday, we decided to join the #teachersellerchallenge. It's so awesome how many teachers/sellers/bloggers are willing to help each other. After we joined the challenge we found we didn't even know about another form of social media: Bloglovin'. We are excited to learn more about Bloglovin' and other ways to increase our followers during this challenge. We got the Bloglovin' widget and are ready to start with challenge 1 "Makeover Madness!" Since we have only been selling products for one month it is going to be hard to decide which product needs a makeover, but we can do it!

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