Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Hatching baby chicks in our classroom was so much fun! My students learned so much about the life cycle and they loved every minute of it. It was a such a great way to end the school year. Our learning started with building some background knowledge on chicks. The students predicted what was inside a chicken egg.

We learned that it would take 21 days for our eggs to hatch, so we started a countdown. We did so many fun things during those 21 days while we waited for our chicks to hatch. We did a close read on every stage in the life cycle. The students learned so much about each life cycle through the close read. We learned how to code the text as well. We started text coding as a whole class. 

After text coding and taking notes as a class, my first graders were able to text code and take notes independently. It was so awesome to see what they could do. 
After we had we finished our notes on every stage of the life cycle of a chicken, we needed something to write so the students used their notes to write a literacy nonfiction story about the life cycle. They turned out amazing! I couldn't believe the vocabulary they were using in the books. 
 Lesson plans, building background knowledge activities, close reading text, text coding, note sheet, literacy nonfiction template, and much more are all in our Life Cycle of a Chicken Pack. You can get it at our TPT store: TheCoreCoaches TPT Store or by clicking the link below.

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